Flat-coated 12-pack


Introducing the irregularly regular visitor at my home, “Nelli“. I play the role of a dog minder every now and then to this little chick. I named her playfully as a “flat-coated 12-pack” and tell it to people when I’m occasionally asked about this little fellow’s breed.

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Exercise month 09/2016


It’s time to sum up September‘s exercises & workouts as a continuum to the June-August exercises. The excellent lively workout routine from the summer has continued despite the start of the school. A good month has now been left behind (over an hour of exercising per day on average).

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Sleep Cycle (iOS application)


Sleep Cycle (alarm clock) is the “Sports Tracker of the dreamworld”. I’ve been using this application more or less regularly for over 2 years now. I use it only when I’m sleeping alone and nowadays as a single on daily basis. The application has an Android version also.

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