Who, what, where, why?

Hey you.

You have arrived at the spanking new blog of a 35-year old native Finn living in the city of Oulu, Finland.

Founding a blog and starting to write down my thoughts publicly has been in my mind for a long long time, for years and years. Infact, the idea has come and gone so many times that the main idea and topic for my blog has changed a number of times. Once I thought of writing about entrepreneurship, another time when I started studying in a polytechnic for the 1st time (year 2006).  I’ve had milankolarovic.com domain for over 16 years now, starting all the way from 1st of December 2000 when I made a homepage for myself for the 1st time to accompany my music composing endeavours.

So how come the idea came to realization this time? More courage and my old coworker Marja‘s comment “you should consider starting a blog” a month ago on one of Facebook posts. And so it was imprinted in the back of my mind. Soon I caught myself having sketched ideas for atleast 20-30 blog posts in a rather easy manner. I knew I’d atleast have the material required.

The nail in the coffin was my friend Peter who after listening to my blog’s name ideas had combined his own suggestion most likely as a joke, “Savonian slav squat“. But it’s totally brilliant! You see, those who know me know how passionate and versatile sportsman I am. And from my mother’s side I am a barefoot savonian and from my father’s side I carry slavic heartblood – that’s how I got my name, Milan Kolarovic.

I had plenty of time (amongst watching EURO 2016 football tournament) to build up a completely new blog over my old website. Having the experience and skills of doing graphic and web design didn’t hurt aswell. This website is using WordPress platform and on top of that a theme called Olsen which offered a good starting point for fine-tuning. A minimalistic, plain and “less is more” way of thinking describes me well.

Upcoming topics

So what will I write about? You’ll get the overall picture with this list of future topics: exercise, gym, food, clothes, decoration, occupational therapy, music, movies, events, apps. My blog will also act as a personal diary.

My way of writing and telling of things is very open-hearted. I’m not afraid of disagreeing and saying it aloud, nor to be wrong and putting myself “on the line”. Been to the school of life, tediously.

I can’t stand hypocrisy or duplicity. I appreciate genuinity and a loyal brave heart (courage to be yourself, who you really are). So having said this know that everything I’ll be writing about is paid with my own money and is based on my own experience (unless otherwise stated).

I wish you and I a pleasent future together. I hope you will enjoy my company! 🙂