Top 20 films

Interstellar @ Netflix

Movies and all audiovisual culture has been close to my heart since childhood. I’ve always watched a ton of movies. Last year I went to the cinemas 19 times, all at Finnkino Plaza (plus many more flicks at home). That was clearly a record amount. So far this year (early August) I’ve been to the cinema only 5 times.

My favorite directors are David Fincher and Christopher Nolan. Not far behind are names like Stanley Kubrick and Terrence Malick. Tarantino is occasionally brilliant as is Darren Aronofsky. Alejandro Inarritu’s trilogy is memorable and Danny Boyle also hits the target every now and then.

I’ve always invested in audio/Hi-Fi equiptment as well display/projecting technologies. I had my first home theater ensemble in 1998 as an 18-year old. Later in 2007 I upgraded into a video projector and a 108″ silver screen. Currently I have a curved Samsung 65″ 4K UHD television at the centre of my living room accompanied with DD5.0 audio system.

After the last jolting movie experience (The Revenant) I made a list of my own top 20 movies. The result is a well thought out outcome and if there’s something missing it’s probably for a reason. What would your TOP-5 list look like?

  1. The Green Mile
  2. Saving Private Ryan
  3. The Revenant
  4. Braveheart
  5. Interstellar
  6. Inception
  7. Schindler’s List
  8. Terminator 2
  9. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  10. The Tree of Life
  11. Forrest Gump
  12. The Prestige
  13. The Matrix
  14. Sunshine
  15. Se7en
  16. The Thin Red Line
  17. Inglourious Basterds
  18. Django Unchained
  19. Arrival
  20. The Fall

Bubbling under: Gone Girl, Fury, Hacksaw Ridge, Drive, Piano, Face/Off, Fight Club, Spirited Away, The Usual Suspects, The Passion of the Christ

Edit: updated 22nd of Nov 2016 (after Hacksaw Ridge)
Edit: updated 11th of Dec 2016 (after Arrival)