Helsinki Night of Arts, Street Food Carnival, Espoo Ciné and Herttoniemi Block Party

Espoo Ciné.

The city of Helsinki had a lot to offer culture-wise on my summer vacation’s last week. As the weather forecast gave Oulu +10’C and stormy opposite to south’s +20’C and sunny, and even Finnair offered two-way flights for only 79 euros – it was a “no brainer” 🙂

Helsinki – The Night of the Arts

The Night of the Arts on the 25th of August was part of the Helsinki Festival‘s programme. The festival itself started as early as 19th and continued through 4th of September. The supply of events was staggering, tens of times more than in Oulu’s similar event. After walking around in the city centre ended up at HAM (Helsinki Art Museum).

Espoo – Street Food Carnival

The Street Food Carnival event lasted almost a week and a rather tasty experience. I enjoyed the offerings from different food trucks, more on those in the captions below.

Espoo Ciné international film festival

Espoo Ciné was full of movies which sounded extremely interesting. After eating at the Street Food Carnival I went to see Juliette Binoche‘s “The Wait” (L’Attesa). This french movie arrives to Finnkino’s repertoire on 9th of September which is also the world premiere (to my understanding).

The movie achieved to do a big positive impact on me. Such was the brilliant work of all the actors as well directing and cinematography. Especially Juliette, this french version of Meryl Streep, was stunning! She’s one of the few good things (in addition to the scart cable) that have come out of France. 😀

I’m not a big fan of drama, but still I have to say that “The Wait” does the same to drama movies what “It Follows” did to horror films a little over a year ago (if you haven’t seen it do yourself a favor). The movie’s tempo was exceptionally slow and it’s not appropriate for watching after a hectic day. The melancholic, stagnant atmosphere was skillfully crafted. The directing and cinematography brought vividly Stanley Kubrick in mind from the very first scenes onward (and only by doing him honor).

There are few extraordinarily beautiful scenes which use music in an artful way. The opening credits uses The xx‘s song “Missing” and the scene with Leonard Cohen‘s “Waiting for the Miracle”.

Herttoniemi Block Party

The very first Herttoniemi Block Party presented the finnish band Egotrippi as the last performer. One could tell that these boys had played a long time together. It was a very impressing live performance. I recorded their three most well-known songs.