Beach volleyball’s opening tournament (indoor hall)


Oulu’s and Northern Finland’s first indoor hall for beach volleyball has just been build for year-round use. Even the Finnish Broadcasting Company made a news out of it. The indoor hall has one court and it’s located in the same building as Oz MAX recreation center. The construction was still a little unfinished, but it didn’t affect playing there. The opening tournament was held on the 2nd and 3rd of September 2016. I found myself a playing partner in the last possible moment, but we almost had no time at all to prepare. We only did some passes at the beach on the evening before. So we knew in advance that we were up for a tough ride 😀

I fell in love with this sport during this summer. I played over 35 hours of beach volley in July and in the beginning of August (about the maximum the weather allowed). I was an everyday sight inside and outside the beach volleyball courts at Tuira beach. Summer’s outcome was a reasonably good understanding of the sport and how to play it, plus a nice full body tan. I had no significant experience in beach volley prior to this summer. There will be another post of the summer’s games as soon as I have time to write.

The tournament as an experience

The opponents were as tough as expected and our own play went pretty much as we predicted. There was a lot of positive things like gradually ascending amount of points we achieved per round. Also all the pitches went over the net and landed in. I even managed to get one ace and a couple of those “nearly impossible to catch” balls successfully (one landing even a straight point). And in the end, all circumstances considered, our teamwork was pretty good in the end (this was a “married at first sight” type of thing).

The court was enjoyable to play on. The sand felt very good and it didn’t raise any dust (felt moist). The court seems smaller in photographs than in nature. The walls didn’t become an obstacle in any time. The lighting also worked – you knew that cause you didn’t pay any attention to it at any point. And wind is also non-existent on this court. 😉

Maybe because there was no wind, or due to the higher “drive”, playing seemed to bring a harder sweat and heart rate than on the beach. Though you didn’t have the effect of the scorching sun on the other hand. Nevertheless, I drank 2 liters of water during the three 2-round matches.

Summa summarum

The tournament left a good positive vibe although pointwise you could think otherwise. The sport is brilliant and the people around it exceptionally jovial and nice. And it’s exciting to watch other’s play!

I could definitely go again and play. The only thing slowing down is that I don’t have a permanent playmate (tip tip if you live in the Oulu region and have the same problem). Oulu Beach Volley’s website now offers also individual turns in addition to permanent weekly turns. The individual turns cost 40-60 euros for 90 minutes, which I think is very reasonable (besides it divides for four people).