Preludi – Oulu UAS school year opening


Tuesday 6th of September marks the celebration party and the grand opening of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) starting semester. Every year the night ends with Preludi which is basicly a student jumpsuit party. The event is held at Ouluhalli and every year around 3 000 students take part in it. Me and 12 classmates went to the event this year (like last year and the year before). Occupational therapy is predominantly female area of work as you can see in the photo (as is the case with aall social and health sector). I’m the only man left in my class (there were 3 of us who started in 2014) and there aren’t many men in other classes.

My first Preludi took place as early as 2006 when I was studying my first degree at Oulu UAS (Bachelor of Culture and Arts). At the time I didn’t acquire the purple jumpsuit which students of culture and arts have and later on that has bugged me a little bit. This time around with studies in social and health care the “damage” has been corrected. 😉

The main performer was Waldo’s People which is a familiar name from the 90’s. DJ Santtos was in charge of music before and after that. The previous live gigs I had seen were Muse and Sia and this just didn’t compare. 😀

I have to confess however that “1000 Ways” was to my liking back in the year 2000 when I was 20-years old as it was released. The Apulanta cover of “Anna mulle piiskaa” on the other hand just didn’t cut it. All in all a fun evening and here’s some photos and four videos along the way.