Summer exercise months 06-08/2016


It’s time to sum up summer’s exercises & workouts and perhaps start a monthly tradition of training summaries.

I bought my first iPhone about the same time as I started to exercise in 2011 and ever since that I’ve been using Sports Tracker. It’s the application of my choice and pretty much the only app that corresponds to my needs. I’ve been hooked in ST ever since I started using it and I make sure all my workouts are recorded there. I belong to that group of people who are inspired and motivated by all the exercise details and statistics. I can keep an eye on my activity levels and if necessary get a grip of myself in those moments when you don’t feel like exercising.

I also use a heart rate monitor (HRM2) whenever possible. With heartbeat data I know how my “engine” works, how it has recovered from physical strain and get a confirmation for my own sensations. It can also help to identify malfunctions and disorders in the heart (my heart’s arrhythmia has been operated).


In June I walked a lot, 110 kilometers (68 miles). 7 rounds of disc golf (35 km of walking in that as well, 21 miles) and inline skating for 75 km (46 miles). In addition 5 gym workouts. A little motorsports with my roadster and once football. Also the first steps in beach volleyball were taken. An excellent month, 44 hours of activity / ~20 000 kcal (sleep amount / quality: 8 h 30 min @ day / 86 %).



In July I began playing beach volleyball on almost daily basis (in average an hour each day). There was no need to eat the “sunshine vitamin” (vitamin D) from the pillbox. In addition 70 km (43 miles) of walking, 3 rounds of disc golf, 3 gym workouts and two times road cycling. This was an exceptionally tough month which started to feel in my operated hip joint. Over 50 hours of activity / ~22 000 kcal (sleep amount / quality: 8 h 20 min @ day / 86 %).



In the beginning of August I had a groin injury (an old ailment) while doing a 120 km (74 mile)  road cycling hike and that shows. The weather started to to cool down as well, thus 7 gym workouts and only a couple of days with beach volley. 80 km (49 miles) of walking and one 10 km (6 mile) run. In addition one extremely tight 1 ½ hour badminton game during which I managed to get my maximum heart rate at 193 bpm. 😀

Unfortunately I had to skip the Virpiniemi inline skating marathon due to my groin injury and that was a big bummer. I had already trained skating for almost 300 km (~180 miles) in May-June and bought new wheels and bearings for my K2 skates. Otherwise quite an ok month with 35 hours of activity / 16 000 kcal (sleep amount / quality: 8 h 20 min @ day / 80 %).


Summa summarum

It was a splendid summer! Definitely one of the best by all measures although my operated hip wasn’t quite normal yet. The same period in 2015 had the same amount of activity (thanks to a cortisone injection to my hip joint), but the composition was different. A lot more road cycling and also some 30 rounds of disc golf in addition to almost weekly games of football, but almost no inline skating.