Health Club Hukka, men’s sauna and set of threes


I joined Health Club Hukka in early fall 2014. At the same time I started the tradition of going to the sauna after a workout which I hadn’t done in my earlier gyms. I’m an eager sauna goer and I tolerate sauna baths well which I think is to thank my savonian genes. Recovery drink on the sauna’s benches is probably one of the best moments on an ordinary weekday. I noticed soon after going to saunas that there’s something beautiful and delicate in the way men communicate non-verbally.

Set of threes

Three. Three is the unwritten rule on how many scoops of water it is appropriate to throw on the sauna stove at one time. Everybody knows this. Everyone always throws three unless some of the throws misses (and you better not start commenting on those misses).

If you mistakenly throw four times then we usually hear something I’d describe as a “cough”. It’s short for “apparently you are new here, but don’t throw more”. If you interpret it only as a “my throat was itchy” cough and throw a 5th scoop then we could hear a “double cough” accompanied by a small sigh. If your hand is still holding the scoop after all this then you might receive an enforcing glare aimed at you.

6th scoop of water, if the situation should end up in that for a reason or another, somebody usually leaves the benches accompanied by a mixed symphony of puffs, coughs and sighs which leave no room for interpretations. It is what it is and the rest can be read by the Health Club Hukka’s personnel in their feedback box. 🙂

What if I throw less than three?

Good question.

If you throw one or two then someone will pretty surely fetch their own bucket of water and start throwing those safe and familiar set of threes. If this happens then you better put down your scoop, admit defeat and stay alert if the situation still allows you to cough even once.