Exercise month 09/2016


It’s time to sum up September‘s exercises & workouts as a continuum to the June-August exercises. The excellent lively workout routine from the summer has continued despite the start of the school. A good month has now been left behind (over an hour of exercising per day on average). Weekly floorball and futsal turns have started and there’s still been good enough weather conditions to play football on outdoor fields. I feel really good and energetic, mentally and physically. Only my groin sends signs every now and then (and will hopefully soon be operated). One word to best describe the month of September is “versatile”. Such a wide set of different kind of exercises and sports were included.

34 h of activities / ~18 000 kcal
  • ~90 km (~56 mi) of walking (13 h) + Student Run 5 km (3 mi) run
  • 4x futsal (4 h) + 1x football (1.5 h)
  • 4x floorball (4 h)
  • 4x gym workouts (3.5 h)
  • 3x fitness class à 1 h (joga, 2x heat stretching)
  • 12x rounds (4 h) of beach volleyball (2x OBV’s indoor hall tournaments)
  • sleep amount / quality: 8h 45 min @ day / 83 %

I have no spesific goals for October, but if I can keep up the same level of activity alongside going to school I’d be really pleased. I should get more gym workouts done, that’s one thing for sure.