Flat-coated 12-pack


Introducing the irregularly regular visitor at my home, “Nelli“. I play the role of a dog minder every now and then to this little chick. I named her playfully as a “flat-coated 12-pack” and tell it to people when I’m occasionally asked about this little fellow’s breed. 😀

Small and feisty are the best words to describe this little mixed breed dog. I’ve done ~15 km (~9 mi) jogs with her on subsequent days and she’s always as excited to go. Nelli also has talent, or atleast she think she has, cause she likes to “sing” (howl) along the piano. And super-elasticity, so lightly she jumps from still to your lap. 🙂

The story tells that she has at least Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka and Jack Russell Terrier in her line as well a strong suspicion of dachshund genes due to the “limousine shape”. Nelli has received oversized “bat ears” as a birth gift and even still her hearing doesn’t always register what’s been said in the other end of the leash. This is truly a one of a kind “Bat-hound”.