About me

I’m a 37-year old man born in the city of Lempäälä. From there the road took to Orivesi and finally to the city of Oulu in 2006. My mother is a barefoot finnish Savonian and my father a russian language teacher  who came to Finland in the 1950’s from former Yugoslavia. I like to refer myself playfully as a “interesting genetic experiment” cause you’ll have a hard time finding another person with the same background.

By education I’m a media artist (Bachelor of Culture and Arts). I graduated from Oulu University of Applied Sciences in 2011 (after 5 years of studies in the option of Visual Communication). Currently I’m studying my 2nd academic degree programme in occupational therapy (also at Oulu UAS) for the 3rd year. The latest chapter in working life was written at VTT where I spent 4 years designing graphical user interfaces and user experience for mobile devices and web applications.

I’m definitely a “town dweller” although I spent my childhood’s and early adolescent’s summers at a farm near our summer cottage doing farm work. I’m a libra man and I have a thoughtful, spiritual side as well as a  side more tend to vanity. I like looking and smelling good and having my own clothing style. My home is my castle – I take proud of having a clean and elegant home.

Versatile exercising is important to me. I regularly do the gym, football/futsal, floorball, badminton, tennis, inline skating, beach volleyball, disc golf, road cycling and jogging. During winters I also do cross-country skiing. You can follow my exercises through my Sports Tracker account (they are mainly public).

Music has always played a big role in my life, as has photography – you could say all audiovisual communication in general. I love aesthetics and I’m a visual epicure (as well an epicure in it’s traditional meaning). A movie freak with interests such as history and psychology. Someone who follows the world’s events and news. Someone who loves big boys toys (motorcycles, cars, etc).

Chapters of life

We’ve all had various chapters in life. Starting from 1994 I composed my own music for around 10 years. I took it seriously and it meant everything to me. This chapter was followed by an era of visual expression and photography which started around 2003. That chapter lasted for 10 years as well. Now with this blog and occupational therapy studies I see a new story evolving which includes writing and getting immersed with both mental and physical well-being – going deep into the human psyche. This era is bound to last long, have a twirl or two along the way and take full advantage of my prior strengths.

The story of this blog’s birth can be found here. The old website focused on my music can be found here.