Flat-coated 12-pack


Introducing the irregularly regular visitor at my home, “Nelli“. I play the role of a dog minder every now and then to this little chick. I named her playfully as a “flat-coated 12-pack” and tell it to people when I’m occasionally asked about this little fellow’s breed.

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Preludi – Oulu UAS school year opening


Tuesday 6th of September marks the celebration party and the grand opening of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) starting semester. Every year the night ends with Preludi which is basicly a student jumpsuit party. The event is held at Ouluhalli and every year around 3 000 students take part in it. Me and 12 classmates went to the event […]

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Beach volleyball’s opening tournament (indoor hall)


Oulu’s and Northern Finland’s first indoor hall for beach volleyball has just been build for year-round use. Even the Finnish Broadcasting Company made a news out of it. The indoor hall has one court and it’s located in the same building as Oz MAX recreation center. The construction was still a little unfinished, but it didn’t affect playing there. The opening […]

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Paljekirppis flea market and tips for it

Table after cleaning

I held a flea market table for the 1st time about 12 years ago as I was living at Orivesi. In 2009 I had a table in Oulu at the since closed Alppistore. From 2012 onwards I’ve used Paljekirppis every time I’ve had the need to sell excess stuff e.g. when moving or emptying wardrobes / warehouses. I practically never buy […]

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Who, what, where, why?

Hey you. You have arrived at the spanking new blog of a 35-year old native Finn living in the city of Oulu, Finland. Founding a blog and starting to write down my thoughts publicly has been in my mind for a long long time, for years and years. Infact, the idea has come and gone so […]

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